The Emotional Spectrum Test

What to do – Full instructions are given below, but simply said –

Click on your chosen color and spend some time benefiting from the full page color bath, then tap again to read what it says about your choice.

Look at the color spectrum above.

Now take a few seconds to scan from left to right and from right to left.

Back and forwards until one color attracts more attention, the one that jumps out from the rest.

That is your choice.

Too easy? This is not an intellectual exercise. This is an emotional exercise.

You are playing at letting your choice be free of thinking.

You may find yourself choosing a color that you don’t like and because of this you want to reject that choice.

You probably saw your chosen color before you started to follow the instructions above but you looked further anyway just in case you had missed your “real” choice.

This is a moment of honesty with yourself.

You can’t lose this game. If you don’t agree with the words linked to your color choice, then simply pick again. The only important thing at this moment is to make a choice

Now tap on your chosen color and bask in the full page spread. Don’t try to think, but if a thought pops into your mind, write it down and keep looking until no more thoughts appear. Tap on the page and see what is written about the color you chose. Scroll up or down to once again enjoy the refreshing color bath.

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