CORAL – less sweet than pink, less confronting than orange, coral is a color that flatters and mixes well with others. It’s the color that represents ‘group think’ and the ability to build a team around you. The bigger the group the better. This is a great time to be experiencing coral as the ability to work with and build a team is highly valued. If you are attracted to coral you are showing yourself that you are ready to offer help wherever it is needed to create harmony and a way forward, whatever the situation. A real team is made of a variety of skill-sets and an observant leader knows when to intervene and when to take a step back and allow for a bit of creative growth. This color represents dedication and hard work. The more people involved in a project the more potential for disaster so dive deeper into coral and don’t ever lose track of the purpose in hand. This is not about being nice to everyone. You need to be focused and decisive but whereas this could be potentially abrasive the skill set offered here is clarity.