ORANGE is the best color to restore your enthusiasm for life. Zest is a word that you don’t hear so often these days but if you want to know why it is used to describe enthusiasm, then just peel an Orange and experience the instant effect that the fine mist spray of juice has upon your senses. Anyone who has had set-backs or shocks will benefit from the warm and relaxing side of orange. As Summer edges towards Winter, the rich tints of Autumn go some way to compensate for the darker days and colder temperatures.If however you are bursting with ideas that you want to share with others then orange will feel like a good friend. It’s not a color that tends to be used in fashion except as an accessory. A little orange seems to go a long way which is probably a good thing to remember when with a group of people. Enthusiasm can be infectious but it can also make you look childlike and as a result be taken less seriously