The color red symbolizes fire and movement. It’s impossible to ignore red which is why it is so effective in signalling the opposite of movement which is the STOP sign at a traffic light.

In this example red alert’s us to DANGER and this is the way red is understood, both in Nature and in the man-made world. A red mushroom is poisonous and red insects are indicating that they too could be poisonous even if this is only a disguise. Then again we find examples of the opposite meaning where redness of a fruit indicates that it is ripe and ready to eat.

So red can give out two distinct and opposite signals. It is the context that makes a difference.

When you choose for red you are either sending out a signal for people to get out of your way or you are telling yourself that you need a bit more energy to get you out of your chair. A perfect time to wear those red socks or start writing lists of things to do in red ink. Only you know which signal you are sending to yourself when you choose red.

Scroll down and look again at RED.

Take a moment to look, then write down all the thoughts and ideas, words and phrases that come to your mind.

Give your own meaning to the color RED.