CHOICE.EXPERT Training – what it’s all about.


Relaxation and inspiration


CHOICE.EXPERT Training is an enjoyable addition to your daily fitness program. At its most basic level it is a positive way to reboot your brain and refresh your mind. Interactive visual puzzles enhance relaxation which in turn invites new and inspiring ideas.

Taking time out to focus on something different that requires no thought, allows new thoughts and ideas to appear automatically. You are recommended to spend at least 8 minutes, one to three times a day focusing on the exercises. Regular training gives impressive results.

Boost your ability to make the right choices

All choices have consequences.

Doubt and hesitation add to the stress that accompanies decision making, increasing the chance that you will make poor choices with unwanted outcomes. Choosing is easy, it’s trusting your choices that is difficult.

Daily training with CHOICE.EXPERT opens new avenues of thinking and interacting both with technology and with the Natural world.


Improving memory and memory recovery 

Concerns about an unreliable memory may rise at any age and stage of life and for an assortment of reasons, such as poor spatial awareness or a short attention span. For many, modern life revolves around instant gratification provided by social media. Long term consequences include a lack of focus and an inability to function without the aid of a “Smart” device. Most of us have had moments of forgetfulness but fears that such lapses are indications of advancing memory loss, tend to increase as we grow older. CHOICE.EXPERT Training offers a new way to connect with what matters to you.


People who paint pictures with words,

have been valued since ancient times.


Not all of us are natural storytellers, but we all have stories locked away in the inner depths of a lifetime. We can sometimes surprise ourselves with a memory that surfaces out of the blue. Such moments are special and can make us curious about what else is waiting to be discovered if only we had the right combination of thoughts or circumstances to release the memory.


Color rich abstract pictures that inspire words and help retrieve forgotten memories, are the foundation upon which CHOICE.EXPERT is built.


As a sculptor, I spent many years exploring the shape of objects.

My chosen medium is wax which, when softened, can be transformed into every shape imaginable. Nature has always been my inspiration and I soon learnt that every object contains shapes suggestive of other objects. Observed closely or from another angle we are able to see beyond the obvious. A face appears in the profile of a rock or a butterfly shape in the angle of a leaf. When we look at something, we never see the whole thing but instead focus on that aspect which gives us the best clue as to who or what it is.


The CHOICE.EXPERT Training System, 

is made entirely from original photographic sculptures created from two-dimensional pictures. The colors, shapes and forms spark your imagination, giving you effortless and instant access to creative thoughts and fresh ideas.

Action from a place of calm

Choose to give a positive direction to your thoughts and actions with the CHOICE.EXPERT Training System.


Watch the following short slide show. Don’t try to think what you are looking at but simply relax and see where the images take your thoughts.




Original Artwork: Louise van Vliet      



Forgetfulness makes you feel vulnerable.

The more aware that you become of your surroundings, the easier it is to make meaningful connections which enhance your memory and increase your enjoyment of daily life. Small observations, which are often regarded as insignificant, take on a new meaning and enrich even the simplest of daily tasks.


The practiced Art of Choice

We often say that we are not good at choosing. What we actually mean is that we don’t always trust the choices we make. There are many circumstances in life where making the wrong choice would be, if not disastrous, certainly damaging or embarrassing.


With CHOICE.EXPERT, you always make the right choice because your choice reflects what attracts you at that moment. The more you practice making choices, the more you learn that you can trust your choices so long as you focus not on the outcome but on the act of choosing.


Louise van Vliet-Templeton


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