BLUE – choosing for Blue means that sooner or later you will find yourself thinking or talking about water, blue skies and that occasional occurrence, a Blue Moon. Blue is also associated with clarity and speaking the truth. Above all it’s important to speak the truth to yourself. Be clear about what you want from life and stop paddling upstream to try and get it. Nothing that you want is upstream. Water is a powerful force. It flows from high to low ground and when it reaches the sea becomes part of a greater whole with vast potential so let yourself flow where there is the least resistance. If however you are currently in a situation where there is no flow possible, then you need to take a moment and use the space to look at life from a different perspective. There are a lot of opportunities out there in the great blue yonder. Maybe you’ve been going in the wrong direction and don’t have the energy to go on that way. It’s a big leap from paddling to letting go. Don’t be afraid to speak your fears and discover just how practical it is for you to discover a new way of doing things.