Communication   Inspiration   Creativity  Heartfelt  Connectivity

Joy in life   Refreshing  Innovative  Now   Futuristic  Insightful  Visionary


TURQUOISE inspires yourself and others to communicate and to be creative. Creativity comes in all shapes and forms. The most obvious are Art, Music, Literature, Dance and Drama but also simply opening your eyes and mind to fresh new possibilities. Think out of the box and use all your skills of communication to get your ideas across. It can be challenging to try and get others on board but this is a creative challenge so don’t hold back. When you choose turquoise you are choosing for innovation. Your time is now, whatever your age and you have something to contribute. Don’t expect others to understand. You are ahead of your time but you are also in tune with an ever changing ever expanding Universe. Every team should contain at least one person from this color group. Their solutions may not always appear practical but their constant stream of ideas will spark off discussions that lead to solutions. The focus is on creativity to get you or projects that you are involved in, moving forward.

One of the most beautiful descriptions of Turquoise comes from the Ananda Kanda or the Heart within the Heart which connects us to our innermost self and makes it possible to bring that aspect of our self into the world, adding lightness and an understanding of what it is to be connected to our self and to life on Earth and beyond.