PINK may make you think of a lighter shade of pale but in spite of it’s current association with sweetness and innocence, the color pink is simply red infused with light or white. The red is still very much present but instead of representing a passionate love affair the love has become deeper and more nurturing but no less strong. A lot of people are searching for love but the search will be in vain if you haven’t treated yourself to the care that you would like to have from another. Loving yourself may feel a bit over the top but you need at least to accept yourself for who you are before you can expect others to do the same. Pink has a calming influence but  there is also a determination and strength within pink. Pink in association with the feminine is a fairly recent trend but as is seen in Nature, the use of clear color signals can be a useful way to send a message. Being attracted to pink can say a lot about your desire to nurture. Caring is a strength after all and not a weakness.