Seasonal change is closely related to emotions. The delight we can feel in a fresh Spring day which seems to offer hope and positive expectations is in strong contrast with a chill November morning when the trees are bare and dampness chills the bones. Autumn is both a color filled conclusion to the summer as well as a reminder that all must follow a natural cycle of activity and rest, growth and a passing on of life in another form. Modern city life often experiences the Seasons as an inconvenience; hot airless days of Summer, slippery pavements when it rains, wind battered buildings and frozen pipes. The fortunate country dwellers have an even more intimate relationship with the weather and all who live with animals know the delights of crisp winter walks as well as the need for proper clothing to counteract some of the less appealing weather types.

In order to listen to Nature, we need to tune in to our surroundings using all of our senses. encourages you to look and see as well as touch, feel, inhale and recognize the Seasonal scents and sights, sounds and sensations.