Autumn is one of those seasons that is impossible to ignore. From one point of view, everything that made the Spring and Summer fresh and colorful, appears to by dying. From another perspective, the third season is the culmination of all the input of sun, water and nutrients, resulting in seeds and buds that will produce next year’s growth. I love the Autumn. It’s like an incredible celebration and all the falling leaves are a reminder of the abundance produced each year. A few years ago, the Oak trees in front of our house still had most of their leaves well into November. The leaves were brown and ready to fall but for some reason had clung on. Then one day, there came a sudden stillness followed by a gust of wind and within 5 minutes every leaf had fallen from the trees. In those minutes it was like witnessing a time-lapse movie in real-time. A leaf blizzard. Fascinating. This picture represents my idea of what happens to Summer. Not just the leaves falling to the earth and the winds creating havoc but the Season itself returning to it’s source somewhere deep below the Earth’s crust.