When you look at this image, you are looking at everything that exists in your Universe.

How you interpret what you see is personal, individual, from a particular perspective. But we are all looking at the same thing.

Consider the possibility that in order for anything to exist within a particular system, it has to somehow comply with the laws that govern that system.

For example, when we eat, the food that we consume becomes us. If the food matches the needs of the physical form then it will enhance, nourish and assist in body maintenance and repair. If the food contains elements that are alien to that process, then they will still have to be processed by the body but will, at best, be eliminated as useless or, as is more usual, stored somewhere in the body (often in the fat cells), as a means of isolating them from the vital process of regeneration.

When these stored alien elements reach a certain level, the body will start to display signs of distress and dis-ease. How much a body can cope with such assaults will vary from person to person. An increase in the consumption of refined and processed foods has led to an increase in the occurrence of food intolerance to what should be acceptable foods, such as grains and milk products.