Reawakening the Right Hemisphere

involves synthesising the contradictory


You always have a choice.

Choose to be passionate about something, anything.

Choose to feel rich because you are always as rich as you feel.

Choose to build positive memories.

Choose to feel the best that you can under all circumstances.

Choose to give meaning to success.

Choose to use your intuition.

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What words best reflect your first thought when you look at this picture?

a)   Alert awareness.

b)   What a beautiful creature.

c)   Remarkable colors.

d)   That’s a scary bird !

CHOICE.EXPERT Personal Mental Training gives you access to feelings you can trust.


Discover how to effectively train your brain to be more flexible, retentive and alert.

Create new pathways of thinking and perceiving.

Regain positive memories and eliminate the fear of memory loss.

Train your brain through CHOICE


What am I supposed to do now?

Personal Mental Training

is a new, innovative, effective way to relax your mind, inspire your thoughts, stimulate your memory and increase self-awareness.

Identify what brings you to Life.

Discover what it means to live with intent.

Personal Mental Training works ....

Energize your Brain

Revive Memories

Enhance Relationships

Sooth your Thoughts

Colors and shapes are the building blocks that we use to make sense of our world. They communicate directly and effectively, giving accurate feedback regarding our feelings and emotions. Personal Mental Training provides the stimulation required to let you choose for both relaxation and rejuvenation.

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PERSONAL MENTAL TRAINING enhances your intuition.

Ask yourself the following questions:

Am I concerned about memory loss now or in the future?

Would I like to know more about the benefits that result from understanding my emotions?

Do I feel upset, exhausted or helpless when confronted with current news events?

Do I feel as if I’m missing out on what I really want to be doing with my life?

Is there anything that I can do to make myself happier than I am at this moment?

How can I find the way to recover my enthusiasm for life?

How can I improve my relationships with family, friends and colleagues?

How can I trust the choices I make?

Personal Mental Training, like physical training, needs commitment in order to produce positive results. Results that make a difference right now and choices that enable you to free your mind of concerns for the future.

The focus is upon your unique perspective.

 Access the Emotional Spectrum Test (EST game), the quickest way to get crucial emotional feedback via the colors that you choose. PERSONAL MENTAL TRAINING is the Natural way to get more out of life.

Begin by reading the EST e-book: Your Choice has Meaning.


I recently interviewed Louise about CHOICE.EXPERT....

Meagan: “My own abstract art is bright and colorful and showcases cheerfulness, playfulness, creativity and imagination. If someone looks at my art and smiles then it has fulfilled its purpose. I’m very enthusiastic about colors and shapes and the use of pictures, words and games to learn and to communicate. I love the CHOICE.EXPERT website and will keep watching and playing as the concept develops.”

MEAGAN J. MEEHAN is a published author, poet, cartoonist, and produced playwright. She pens columns for the Great South Bay MagazineBlasting News, and Entertainment Vine. She is also a stop-motion animator and an award-winning abstract artist.

I love the combination of art and science....

“I love the combination of art and science—it is the only sensibility that resonates with me. Thank you for your fantastic work! Srini”

Dr. Srini Pillay, Brain Science Innovator: Psychological Health and Leadership Development (Technology and Services),

Author: “Tinker, Dabble, Doodle, Try: Unlock the Power of the Unfocused Mind”, “Life Unlocked”, “Your Brain and Business: The Neuroscience of Great Leaders”

We all want to have good memories

My parents had been showing signs of memory loss for some time, making communication increasingly difficult. One day, out of sheer frustration I showed them my C.E Memory Boost puzzle of 49 abstract color images. After staring at the screen for a few seconds my Dad pointed to one of the images and started telling a story about the journey he used to make on his bicycle every Saturday which took him past a shop with a very unusual signpost. I encouraged him to continue as I’d never heard the story before and believe me I thought that I’d heard all  of his stories. He became very peaceful and with a smile on his face told me that those were good times. This was an unexpected gift that I’ll never forget.

Stephanie K, Interior Design Specialist

Brain reboot

I work in London and spend my day trouble-shooting and problem-solving, planning and innovating. It takes a lot of concentration and there are times when I feel I need some time-out between meetings. That’s when I discovered C.E Memory Boost. I login to my programe and spend a few moments focusing on the colors and shapes that catch my attention. It looks a bit like meaningless doodling but has the effect of refreshing my ideas – a bit like rebooting my brain. I’ve recommended the system to some of my colleagues (the good ones who deserve the chance to work at top speed with focus and full attention). I was skeptical at first but with all the attention being given to Emotional Intelligence and Self-Awareness it makes sense to get in touch with that aspect of myself that can improve both my personal and my professional life.

Jordan C, Systems Analyst

I lead a colorful life

I’m an artist, a painter, who spends every day working with people and color. An artist needs inspiration and this I find in the beauty of shape and form. One of the most wonderful aspects of teaching traditional skills such as icon painting is to see my students discovering the beauty in a line and the joy in the richness of color. Abstract painting is a very challenging subject for those who prefer classic painting styles and techniques but the images found in CHOICE.EXPERT are able to communicate a virtual reality that is personal to anyone who takes time to really see what they are looking at. I encourage all my students to open up to the abstract shapes which are the building blocks of all our colorful lives.

Marjan Smit

Boulevard Magenta, Landgoed Laag Soeren, Nederland

Boulevard Magenta 5 jaar!

We are multi-layered beings

We all encounter some problems as we go through life. These problems belong to what I refer to as the shallowest layer, which comprises the physical body, the senses and sensations, the thinking processes and language. As extensive as our thinking is, it still belongs to this shallowest layer. It is impossible to solve our problems using the layer that created them. But the solutions are not that far away and can be found in the next, deeper layer of ourselves which we can access through our emotions. Take as an example the loss of memory………………………… continued >

Giora Carmi, New York, USA
Author of Opening Intuitive Flow Through Artwork


We are multi-layered beings continued......

Colors and elements of composition, shapes and forms, are the means through which we get in touch with the deeper layer. Becoming aware of our emotions creates an opening for all kinds of different feelings that we do not have names for. These are the movements of energy in the deeper layer. In this layer, in these energies, live all the memories that cannot be found through thinking. If we reach this energetic world, the memories that reside in it, activate the memories in the thinking layer. Suddenly we remember things that we had previously forgotten. This wise approach is more like playing than a serious attempt at problem solving and yet solving problems is actually what happens.


Giora Carmi, New York, USA
Author of Opening Intuitive Flow Through Artwork

A Fresh Start - New Beginnings - No Regrets

I have a group of friends over every year for New Year’s Eve and during the evening we each take turns to say something about the past year. Last year I introduced them to the CHOICE.EXPERT and asked everyone to pick the image that represented for them the direction that they wanted to take in the coming year. It’s a really mixed group ranging from artists and astrologers to business people and a couple of doctors. Everyone was enthusiastic as the colored images have no set meaning so you could use them to say whatever you wanted. It was a great night and we couldn’t believe that the time up to midnight had passed so quickly and profitably – we toasted in the New Year along with our new plans – a great way to both end and start a year.

Peter C , Independent Business Owner

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